NEW eos1
EOS series: Exceptional ease-of-use
Printhead resolution dpi 203
Print speed mm/s 125
Print width mm 105
Material width mm 110
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NEW. XC4-XC6 - for two-tone printing.
New opportunities in the labelling sector emerge with our new XC-series – two successively arranged thermal transfer printing units permit simultaneous printing of two colors in one document. The first printing unit is additionally equipped with a ribbon saver. The XC4 and XC6 comply with all requirements of the new classification and labelling obligations for chemicals according to GHS.

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MACH4- the new Business Class!
MACH4 offers all features of a high class industrial printer with wide application range for a very attractive price. Print mechanism and cover are made of premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in form and function.

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A+ - The new Premium Class!
The A+ is our professional printer for heavy use and can be operated within a broad application range. Any specific customer requirements can be realized with the extensive periphery and software Stand-alone operation, PC-application or use within any network: A+ is the solution- anytime

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