Datamax is poised to revolutionize the thermal printing industry again with the M-Class printer line. The M-Class offers users a durable, technologically advanced thermal printer with the design principles that have proven successful in other Datamax printers, in a smaller footprint for use in emerging market applications.

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Datamax revolutionized the four-inch printer market with the rugged I-Class thermal bar code printers. Now, we are introducing the 2001 DMX-I-4208: the next generation in the legacy of superbly engineered and highly reliable industrial-class printers.

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E 4203
The E-4203 is a small, compact, thermal printer designed for a variety of label and tag printing applications. Standard features include a 4.10" print width, 203dpi resolution, both serial and parallel interfaces, and 3ips print speed.

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The Datamax H-Class family of printers revolutionizes thermal and RFID label printing. Providing outstanding performance, sound durability, and accurate print quality, the H-Class family is the most flexible labeling solution offered in the industry today. Designed for high-volume, missioncritical, and specialty labeling applications, the H-Class features a patented cast metal modular construction that combines rugged strength with easy expandability to allow the printer to grow as your labeling needs grow.
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