The THARO H-427 is the first printer from the NEW H-400/H-600 Series of printers from Tharo systems, inc..The H-427 prints at 203 dpi and 7 ips and is drop-in compatible with the H-426 it replaces. The H-427 also costs the same as the H-426. Also immediately available are the new H-600 Series Printers. Print up to 6.61 inches wide with the H-600 Series! The THARO H-626 prints at 203 dpi and 6 ips; the THARO H-634 prints at 300 dpi and 4 ips.

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The V-Series are simply the best price versus performance thermal transfer printers available! No other printers will be able to compare.

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LX-600 Color Label Printer
Easy printing of full color labels
Printing method Inkjet
Print resolution 600-4.600
Print Width mm up to 203
Print Speed mm/s 51 black 36 color.

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